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Double board-certified OBGYN and Urogynecologist

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Expert in Women's Health



Helping Women Achieve Optimal Health

Dr. James P. Haley is a highly experienced OBGYN and Urogynecologist at Cherokee Women's Health Specialists, PC, with locations in Canton and Woodstock, Georgia. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Haley is skilled in diagnosing and treating a wide range of women's health issues.

Medical Specialties:

Dr. Haley specializes in the following areas:

  • Urinary incontinence or bladder problems

  • Pelvic organ prolapse treatment

  • Menopause management, including hormone replacement therapy and natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) management and treatment

  • Pelvic pain and endometriosis management

  • Advanced pelvic surgery and reconstruction

  • Vaginal rejuvenation

  • Childbirth injury vaginal repair

  • Surgical corrections for women with prior surgery for prolapse or vaginal rejuvenation

  • Vaginoplasty

  • Bladder sling surgery

Dr. Haley Loves a Challenge

"I thrive in challenging situations, so when a woman comes to me with a complex medical condition, I will do everything in my power to find a solution. Determining the root cause of a medical problem isn't always easy, but that is where I truly believe I excel. Having been raised by a single mother who worked tirelessly to raise my two brothers and me, I have always cared for and respected women. My life's passion has been helping women become healthier so they can live their best lives. I try my best to listen and come up with a solution to every problem. GYN problems are very complex and require individualized and specialized care."  -  Dr. James Haley

Women tend to be loyal to their gynecologists, and there are several patients that travel from around the country for treatment. Dr. Haley says that the most enjoyable part of being a doctor is knowing he's played a part in making someone have a better quality of life.

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Specializing in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Approximately a third or more of a woman's life is spent in menopause. Dr. Haley has helped thousands of women navigate through this phase of life by guiding them with individualized hormone replacement therapy treatment plans. As a specialist in menopausal management, he treats each woman uniquely. He specializes in natural hormones, known as bioidentical hormone therapy, and has tremendous success with helping women feel their best throughout menopause.

To download Dr. Haley's free eBook, "Embracing Change: Navigating Menopause with Confidence" click here:

Menopause eBook - Cherokee Women's Health (

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Haley, call Cherokee Women's Health Specialists in Canton or Woodstock, GA at 770.720.7733 or visit:



Having trained in traditional medicine, Dr. Haley came to realize that healthcare in this country is in the business of treating illnesses, not preventing them. Dr. Haley has extensive training in nutrition and believes wholeheartedly in natural and preventative medicine. He spends extra time educating patients in nutrition and preventative medicine. 

After treating thousands of women with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) Dr. Haley became frustrated with the lack of education and help available for those patients. As much as 20% of women of child-bearing age suffer from this complex disorder. A common complaint from women was that their PCOS symptoms had not been treated properly by other physicians. They rarely felt heard or helped.  

As one who faces challenges, Dr. Haley took it upon himself to find a solution to help women suffering from the troubling symptoms of PCOS. After searching for a natural supplement to help patients, he was frustrated with the lack of a comprehensive supplement for PCOS patients. After much research and study, he helped develop a PCOS supplement to reverse PCOS symptoms. In collaboration with NutraScience Labs, Inc. they created the most comprehensive and healthy supplement for women with PCOS. The product, "PCOS Ultra Support" has 22 all-natural, non-GMO ingredients to help reduce insulin resistance, regulate hormones and periods, help with infertility, reduce facial hair, aid in weight loss, and more.

"I am thrilled to be able to offer this to patients and all PCOS sufferers through our online website. The patient feedback has all been very positive, with a noticeable increase in energy, improvement in mood, some weight loss, and regulation of periods. The supplement is intended for long term daily use, for overall improvement in lifelong health and reduction of PCOS symptoms. I am also passionate about providing free PCOS education through articles, an eBook, and online videos to help educate women about PCOS so that they can live healthier lives." - Dr. Haley

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Honored and Grateful

"As an OBGYN for 30 years, and a father, I am in awe of the miracle of the gift of LIFE. From the time we hear the heartbeat, to the time I've been honored to hand over the baby to the mother, I have been privileged to see God's hand throughout."  - Dr. Haley

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Patient Experiences

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"Dr. Haley listens to my concerns AND takes the time to explain to me my options in a very caring way. I have a complicated disorder that needs a lot of time and attention, and he truly cares about making sure I am better.  I am always in very capable hands, and I am thankful for the excellent care I receive at every visit."

Elizabeth B.

"I am so grateful to have found Dr. Haley because he is an excellent doctor and surgeon. I needed a complete vaginal makeover, a hysterectomy, vaginoplasty, and anterior, posterior and enterocele repair. Although it was quite complicated and involved, the surgery was a complete success. Recovery was much better than I expected, and I wish I would have done it sooner. I finally got my life back!"

Elena R.

"Dr. Haley was very interested in helping me. He was excellent at explaining my condition to me in a way that I could understand. Finally, a doctor that actually helped me! I cried happy tears when I got into my vehicle to leave because he listened to me and gave me hope. Thank you, Dr. Haley!"

Jessica T.


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